Approach. We are a design consultancy working with individuals and businesses to create, test and develop concepts. Drawing on extensive experience in research and product design for non-apparel soft goods, we offer workshops, as well as accepting commissions from every stage of the design journey.

Why work with us

Our experience taking our own urban-outdoor gear brand from page to end product makes us expertly-placed to collaborate on design concepts. Having been through the processes of research, design, development, prototyping, testing and refining first-hand, we’ve got the whole perspective when it comes to bringing a concept from inception to market. And as we’ve got our own workshop, we can quickly build and test concepts at any stage of the design journey.

How we work

Whether you’re looking for big thinking, fresh ideas or trying to address a specific design challenge, we can develop a full project, work alongside you or your team, or simply supply additional capabilities on demand.

Our capabilities

Design research

This is a human-centred approach to understanding design problems through the perspective of people. We carry out research for a variety of needs, such as field research to gain user insights, or using futures design for a more critical approach.

Design workshops

Teams are one of the most effective ways to work on a design project. We facilitate one day or multi-day workshop to develop new concepts or work on existing ones. We can also help organise an external team to work on a project or collaborate with an internal team.

Concept development

A design-led approach to innovation is about bringing design into a project right from the start. We can help you take a project from idea to product, work on an existing concept you already have or even just develop concepts to test an insight.

Non-apparel soft goods prototyping

We have a fully equipped workshop, where we can quickly build and test concepts. We can help you develop an existing concept, build a sample to send to production, or create an innovative prototype to test ideas.

Usability testing

Prototypes are a great way to test and evaluate solutions with actual users before a concept moves too far along the development process. We can organise field tests, focus groups, and face to face interviews.

Our Story


Naski Bags is founded in Birmingham, UK to design urban bags that combine the best features and materials from outdoor gear with a clean urban styling.  The brand offers design products that can be handmade in the UK, with the functionality of products made overseas


Naski Design is founded. Building on the interdisciplinary background of the team, Naski now also provides design consultancy and workshops, alongside our in-house developed products.