Design Challenge

Be part of a design team

Work on a real life design problem and learn design methods and tools.

£ 145.00 

New group session times coming soon.


Be part of a team working on a solution for a real-life design problem. The design challenge is a group workshop for people interested in discovering more about the design process and being part of a design experience. It can also be a novel idea for a team building exercise, with lessons in problem solving and the importance of collaboration being critical to the success of the project.


Over the course of four weeks, participants will go through the three key stages of a product development project: research, idea generation, and prototyping.

There will be a dedicated project space on Miro that the whole team will be able to access throughout the project.

Teams are made up of a maximum of six participants. Led by an expert designer, the challenge is conducted across four virtual team meetings of 45 minutes each.


The design challenge is a hands-on way to discover the design approach to solving problems. The objective is not to develop a finished product, but to get a feel of the design process. 


01 workshop (4 x 6:1 meetings) = £140