Design your own gear

One to one remote sessions working on an idea you want to develop.

£ 45.00 GBP
* After payment is confirmed we will send an email with details on how to book the session. You can contact us at any moment at hello@naski.design

Book a bag chat

Got an idea but not sure if D.Y.O.G is for you? Do you want to talk about your project first? We would love to hear about it. Just click on the form below to book a bag chat, a free and informal initial tutoring session, of which we run a handful each month.


Work on your own idea for a non-apparel product with one of our expert designers. This workshop is for people that have an idea for a product and want to use design methods to help develop it. No prior design experience is necessary and the workshop will be tailored to whatever stage in the design journey you have reached — even if you have nothing more than an idea in your head.


A typical D.Y.O.G. session involves a virtual project space and series of 45 minute one-to-one tutoring sessions with a designer to help you develop your idea.

You can book as few or as many sessions as you like.


To help you develop your initial idea, as well as to equip you with the skills and tools to work on your own projects in the future.


45min session £45.00